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Open-City Architecture in Schools: Primary Awards 2015

Tate Harmer St Edmunds RC Primary Millwall!

Research and Design Development Award (Whole class)
Most Inspirational Design Professional Award (Steve Wilkinson, Kathryn Timmins)

As part of our ongoing relationship with OpenCity, we recently collaborated with St Edmund’s Primary School in Millwall to create architecture for insects as part of OpenCity’s ‘Architecture in Schools Programme’.Following a building visit to Will Alsop’s Blizard Institute in Whitechapel, the students were challenged with designing a shelter for birds bees and bugs as a means to to promote biodiversity in the city. The final design developed from studies of architecture in nature, cocoons and natural tessellating geometries with the final prototype constructed by year 5 using recycled and reclaimed materials that they had collected between workshop visits.


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