New team member: Ellie Manou
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Ellie has joined us as Part I architectural assistant. Ellie obtained her first-class honours in BSc Architecture from the Bartlett, UCL. Before joining Tate Harmer she worked for Undercover Architecture where she was involved in various projects – mostly private residential from design to completion.

Ellie has developed a strong material sensibility and care for textures which she explored through a design process which is heavily driven by physical model making and precise hand drawings. She experimented with projects that challenge the constraints of materiality, and worked with both digital and analogue fabrication to realise her ideas. Her final year project was awarded the ‘Making Buildings Prize’ for her technical dissertation.

Ellie’s interests lie in communicating narrative through meticulous craftsmanship, whether that be through drawing/making, or designing with a purposeful consideration for social and cultural context. Her focus on hands-on, physical model making and care for materials, and textures is applied through sensitive and innovative design ensuring precision and meticulous detail in projects.