New team starter: Amirhossein Daryoushnezhad
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Amirhossein has joined us as Part I architectural assistant. He obtained his first-class honours in BSc Architecture from the University of Sheffield. During his studies, Amirhossein was nominated for RIBA President Medal awards and his spa project in Scarborough was published in the AJ Student Prize 2018. His Scarborough’s spa project took inspirations from the city’s historical relationship with water to bring back the faded identity of the city that has been lost. The project is exhibited in the Fresh Perspective exhibition throughout September 2018.

Amirhossein has a keen interest in contextual and sculptural design which formed the idea for his dissertation. He developed and look further into the monumental aspect of architecture in 20th century Iran. His dissertation explored how monumental architecture helps Iran to create a sense of nationalism to rebrand itself in its modern history.

In his spare time, Amirhossein enjoys painting, reading classical novels and anything that involves glitter.