Hackett Regent Street
Location: Central London, UK
Client: Hackett London
Timescale: Completed - September 2014
Size: 8m²
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We completed this window installation for Hackett, Regent Street as part of the RIBA Regent Street project, September to November 2014.

We developed a window display based on a traditional timber and ribbon children’s toy, with a giant moving ‘Jacobs Ladder’ for Hackett’s two shop windows. Held at one end and woven by an intricate arrangement of interlaced ribbons, the ladder works by rotating the top block, setting off a tumbling effect as each block flips over the next to reveal a hidden image on the reverse side of the ladder. The toppling motion itself creating the visual illusion of a flickering, falling picture; producing two large cascading pixelated collages, a dancing, glittering image to catch the attention of shoppers as they pass by.