Robin Hill Country Park
Location: Isle of Wight, UK
Client: Robin Hill Country Park
Timescale: Anticipated Phase 1 Completion - 2017
Size: 4,100m²
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Developed in collaboration with the design and build contractor Blue Forest, ‘Nesting’ at Robin Hill Country Park, will create an entirely new concept in visitor accommodation on the Isle of Wight, connecting residents directly with the beautiful natural setting of the site. Robin Hill is the current site for the Bestival Festival and the scheme will also provide additional accommodation for the event.

The proposal will create 40 timber framed lodge buildings to accommodate families, 20 smaller treehouse structures raised up in the tree canopies for couples and smaller families, and 40 seasonal glamping tents. The individual structures are brought together using a natural material palette and linked with a new access road and buggy pathway to form a holistic development vision. At the top of the site a new bakery building will act as the hub for the holiday community, as well as being the central reception and facilities point.

The site is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty and we have worked with an expert design team and the local planning authority to ensure that the scheme sits comfortably in this sensitive natural setting, without impacting on the character of the landscape environment.